‎The Untold Story of Palace Skateboards: A Journey into History


Step into the world of Palace Skateboards, where a journey into history unveils the untold story of this iconic brand. From its humble beginnings to its global impact on streetwear and skate culture, the story of Palace Skateboards is a captivating saga of creativity, rebellion, and authenticity. Join us as we delve into the origins, evolution, and influence of this legendary brand, and discover the hidden gems that have shaped its remarkable legacy in the world of skateboarding and fashion.

The Birth of Palace

In 2009, Palace Skateboards was established by Lev Tanju and a circle of skateboarding enthusiasts in London. Starting with the sale of T-shirts and skate decks from a modest shop, the brand swiftly garnered a following within the local skateboarding scene. Palace’s distinct fusion of British nonconformity and top-notch streetwear aesthetics swiftly captured the interest of global fashion trendsetters and celebrities, propelling it to worldwide stardom. Presently, Palace has transformed into a cultural sensation, engaging in collaborations with prominent brands and artists while staying true to its genuine ties to skateboarding culture.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Phenomenon

From its modest beginnings in a crowded London store, Palace Skateboards has expanded into a worldwide powerhouse, establishing flagship stores in New York, Tokyo, and numerous other global locations. The brand’s rapid ascent is a testament to its dedication to honoring its skateboarding roots while embracing ingenuity and creativity in fashion design. Even with its global success, Palace consistently unveils exclusive limited-edition releases, cultivating an aura of exclusivity that leaves fans eagerly anticipating every new collection. Palace’s influence on streetwear culture is immeasurable, as it has reshaped the distinctions between high fashion and urban lifestyle.

The Visionaries Behind the Brand

Lev Tanju, one of the masterminds behind Palace Skateboards, has earned recognition for his unconventional tactics in marketing and promoting the brand, playing a pivotal role in its undeniable allure. The creative squad at Palace consists of individuals deeply rooted in skateboarding subculture, embedding their designs with genuine ties to the community. By strategically partnering with celebrated artists like Jonah Hill and powerhouse brands such as Adidas, Palace continues to break creative boundaries under Tanju’s visionary guidance. Tanju’s distinctive talent in blending edgy skateboard aesthetics with high-fashion influences has firmly established Palace as an industry frontrunner in streetwear and urban culture.

Revolutionizing Skateboard Culture

Palace Skateboards has left an indelible mark on the skateboarding world by introducing unique and innovative designs that pushed the boundaries of traditional skateboard art. Through its collaborations with renowned artists and designers, the brand brought a fresh and exciting perspective to skateboard culture, inspiring a new wave of creativity within the community. Palace Skateboards’ significant influence on skateboarding fashion and style has redefined norms, embracing diversity and inclusivity in its ethos, thereby shaping the future of the skateboarding culture.

Innovative Designs and Collaborations

Palace Skateboards revolutionized the skateboard world through daring and unconventional designs that defied the norms of skateboard aesthetics. Collaborating with iconic brands and artists, the brand produced limited-edition collections that captivated the global skateboarding community, setting new standards for creativity and innovation. Their innovative approach to product design created a buzz, drawing in skateboarders looking for unique and expressive equipment. Palace Skateboards’ unwavering commitment to artistic collaborations continuously brought an element of surprise and delight to skateboard enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying their position as leaders in the industry.

Impact on the Global Skateboarding Community

Palace Skateboards’ impact is undeniably felt worldwide, influencing trends and perspectives within the skateboarding community. The brand’s unique style has not only redefined the perception of skateboarding but has also elevated it to an art form embraced by diverse cultures. By championing creativity and individuality, Palace Skateboards has successfully cultivated a sense of belonging among skateboarders across the globe. Furthermore, the brand’s influence extends beyond fashion, inspiring a new generation of skaters to express themselves authentically, thus shaping the future of skateboarding culture.

Challenges and Triumphs

Palace Skateboards encountered formidable financial hurdles during its formative years, grappling to secure funding and sustain its operations. However, in the face of adversity, the brand defied the odds by cultivating a robust community of devoted skateboarders and loyal patrons. Navigating through the trials of rapid expansion, Palace not only extended its global footprint but also safeguarded its distinctive identity and principles. As a result, Palace Skateboards achieved notable triumphs, garnering acclaim as a revered and influential force within the skateboarding industry.

Navigating the Industry’s Ups and Downs

Amidst market fluctuations, Palace Skateboards strategically adapted to industry trends, ensuring sustained relevance and growth. The brand skillfully navigated through the highs and lows of the skateboarding industry, maintaining a strong position in the market. Palace Skateboards successfully weathered industry downturns by prioritizing innovation and staying true to its core values. By effectively navigating the industry’s ups and downs, Palace Skateboards emerged as a resilient and adaptive force within the skateboarding community, solidifying its impact and influence in the global skateboarding scene.

Maintaining Authenticity in a Commercial World

In a commercial landscape, Palace Skateboards defied conventional pressures, steadfastly preserving its authentic roots. Amidst commercial influences, the brand’s unwavering commitment to creativity over conformity set it apart, earning widespread admiration from enthusiasts worldwide. Balancing commercial success with authenticity, Palace Skateboards upheld its original vision, garnering respect and solidifying its position as an influential force in the competitive commercial world.

Cultural Influence and Legacy

Palace Skateboards has significantly shaped the fashion and street culture scene, leaving an enduring imprint on trends and sparking creative inspiration. The brand’s iconic designs have not only redefined urban fashion but have also influenced the perception and style of skateboard-inspired apparel. Moreover, Palace’s influence transcends clothing, resonating within music, art, and even language, highlighting its profound impact on modern youth culture. By forging collaborations with esteemed artists and designers, Palace has solidified its legacy as a pioneering force at the crossroads of skateboarding and mainstream culture, further elevating its influence and reach.

Palace’s Enduring Impact on Fashion and Street Culture

Palace Skateboards’ enduring impact on fashion and street culture can be seen in the widespread adoption of its bold graphic designs and unique aesthetic. The brand’s ability to seamlessly blend skateboarding elements with high-fashion sensibilities has redefined the boundaries of urban style. From underground skate parks to global runways, Palace’s influence continues to resonate across diverse fashion landscapes, showcasing its timeless relevance. By embracing authenticity while pushing creative boundaries, Palace has solidified its position as a cultural icon that transcends geographical and social boundaries. Their legacy extends far beyond skateboarding, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion and cultural landscapes.

Honoring the Brand’s Roots While Embracing Evolution

While staying true to its humble origins in the skateboarding community, Palace continuously evolves to embrace new design concepts and technological advancements. The brand’s commitment to honoring its roots serves as a testament to its dedication to authenticity and unwavering connection to its core audience. By blending nostalgia with innovation, Palace navigates the delicate balance between preserving heritage and propelling forward-thinking creativity. Through strategic partnerships and daring experimentation, Palace demonstrates an unwavering commitment to innovation while paying homage to its foundational roots. This unwavering dedication has not only enhanced the brand’s creative endeavors but also solidified its position as a trailblazer in the skateboarding and fashion industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who founded Palace Skateboards?

Founded in 2009 by Lev Tanju and Gareth Skewis, Palace Skateboards has its humble beginnings rooted in a casual conversation at London’s iconic Waterloo Bridge. Sparking from their shared lifestyle and interests, Tanju and Skewis envisioned a skateboard brand that resonated with their personal ethos, ultimately culminating in the establishment of Palace Skateboards as a prominent and influential force in the skateboarding industry.

What is the origin story of Palace Skateboards?

The journey of Palace Skateboards began in 2009 when Lev Tanju and a group of friends, driven by their love for skateboarding and street culture, laid the foundation for the brand. Initially, Palace emerged as a distinctive London-based skate crew celebrated for their unique style and captivating videos that embodied the spirit of British skateboarding. Motivated by a quest for genuine representation in the skateboarding industry, Palace Skateboards embarked on a mission to encapsulate their unfiltered approach to the sport. As the years progressed, Palace transformed into a global phenomenon, staying true to its roots while engaging in notable collaborations with renowned brands and artists, solidifying its distinct presence in the industry.

How did Palace Skateboards become a prominent name in skateboarding culture?

The rise of Palace Skateboards can be attributed to their unique infusion of British street culture into their designs and marketing strategies, capturing the attention of skateboarders globally. Their strategic collaborations with high-profile brands and artists not only elevated their status within the skateboarding community but also solidified their influence in the industry. The brand’s distinct blend of irreverent humor and cutting-edge aesthetics struck a chord with skateboarders worldwide, propelling their ascent to prominence. Furthermore, through the creation of innovative video content and limited-edition releases, Palace Skateboards cultivated an aura of exclusivity that captivated and resonated with skateboarding enthusiasts, fostering an unwavering sense of allure within the skateboarding community.


In conclusion, the journey of Palace Skateboards from its humble beginnings to a global phenomenon is a testament to the visionary founders who revolutionized skateboarding culture. The brand’s innovative designs and collaborations have left an indelible mark on the global skateboarding community, navigating industry challenges with resilience and maintaining authenticity in a commercial world. Palace Skateboards has not only influenced fashion and street culture but has also honored its roots while embracing evolution, solidifying its legacy as a trailblazer in the skateboarding and fashion industry. Its enduring impact continues to shape the future of urban style and creativity, making Palace a cultural icon that transcends boundaries and resonates with a global audience.

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